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Update February 2016:

Our Mission Partner Dr Ruth Shakespeare sends to her friends in Kirn Parish Church her very Best Wishes and many Blessings in 2016.

It is not easy at present in the Mulanje Mission Hospital with power outages lasting up to 24 hours at times. Furthermore, the government is short of money with salaries coming very late, often half way through the following month. Food prices remain high and the demands on staff to support their wider families are huge. Despite those considerable challenges, the staff are amazing, dependable, caring and never fail to show Christ’s compassion to patients as and when they need education, treatment, comfort and practical assistance. The commitment shown by so many is evidenced by staff arranging x-rays at 2am to have the investigations done whilst power is available, laundry and laboratory staff also requiring to work at night for the same reason whilst others cook meals at home and bring them in for elderly patients with no guardians.

During 2015 the hospital has been able to reach and provide care to the sick and needy and their primary health care department and palliative care section have been successful in their efforts to provide assistance to those within a wider area. Major improvement projects include the upgrading of the sewer system and the reconstruction of over 3000 pit latrines. There has also been extensive training programmes resulting in the hospital being recognised as one of the best health facilities of its kind.

In 2016 development projects include extending the solar power system, refurbishment of the antenatal ward, building a palliative care student 8 bed hostel and two staff houses.

Please remember Ruth and her team in your prayers and may God Bless them in the wonderful work they will continue to do in the year ahead.




Thanks to all your contributions we have packed 154 hospital packs for Malawi which will be sent on the next container when it is sent from Mr Challis in Strachur.

We have also packed 54 knitted baby vests which have been handed in to us. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who brought items to the church for us.

Thank you from Dorothy Thomas and friends


Dr Ruth Shakespeare sends to you her very Best Wishes for 2012. The previous twelve months have been very difficult for the Mulanje hospital with fuel shortages, perpetual electricity blackouts and scarcity of drugs adding to the increasing workload of disease and illness treatment but by the Grace of God the hospital managed to pull through. Ruth and her staff are praying that the situation will improve this year. The fresh ideas she brought to the hospital have being appreciated and there has been a great improvement in clinical and nursing care. Mulanje Mission College of Nursing is also doing a commendable job in teaching Nursing and Midwifery students and recently they had a graduation ceremony celebrating a 100% pass rate. The rainy season is here now and the maize fields are growing well so plenty of food meantime but the wet conditions have also encouraged the spread of malaria. lt is hoped that a programme for increasing malaria control measures can be introduced this year. Please continue to remember Ruth and her dedicated team in your prayers.

Bob Mitchell

Mulanje Mission

I am pleased to report that we now have a new Mission partner. She is Dr Ruth Shakespeare who is going out to Malawi where she will take up the post of Medical Director at Mulanje Mission Hospital in Blantyre Synod. Recently, Ruth gave a presentalion accompanied with slides outlining the work she will undertake in Malawi and those present admired her enthusiasm and optimism for the very difficult challenge of serving in Africa.

The hospital and primary healthcare programme provide essential services for the immediate catchmcnt area serving 72 villages where 75,000 live and some services to the wider area with a population of some 555,000.

The principal services provided by thc hospital are Environmental Health, Mother and Child Healthcare, Nutrition and the treatment of HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is still the greatest challenge as about one in fifty are affected by the disease. Good progress is however being made and if the condition is diagnosed early and with continuous treatment patients can enjoy a fairly long life. Furthermore, if Mums are treated before giving birth it is now possible to prevent the disease passing to the new babies. It must be reiterated however, that treatments once started must be ongoing thereafter and this great improvement is dependent on the ever increasing demand for the appropriate drugs.

The Senior Staff House Mulanje Mission

Malaria is second only to HIV/AIDS as the greatest killer and the relatively simple remedy of mosquito nets would save the lives of thousands. The main areas of concern for Ruth in Malawi are disease control, staff recruitment and retention, maintenance of infrastructure and most of all the availability of funding to finance the hospital. Please remember Ruth in your prayers that she be given Strength to cope with the difficult but essential work that lies ahead for her.

Bob Mitchell

Mission Partner Update

I am pleased to report that Dr Ruth Shakespeare has now taken up her position as Medical Director in the Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi. The hospital has been without a medical director for almost a year and she was therefore welcomed with open arms. Her arrival coincided with the hospital being presented with the prestigious infection prevention excellence award and she was introduced at a very colourful ceremony full of celebration and interaction.

With her extensive experience, there are many initiatives Dr Ruth is introducing into the system and this will help the hospital to improve further in the areas of patient care and finance as well as administration.

I have written to Dr Ruth sending our members’ best wishes for the demanding job which lies ahead and assuring her that we will continue to remember her and the work she is doing in our prayers.

Bob Mitchell


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You can: visit the Mulanje Mission Hospital Website OR view Dr Ruth’s first local Newsletter OR view a partner letter from Dr Ruth.

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