New Church Centre

There follow details of the proposed new Church Centre in Hunter Street, Kirn, Dunoon, Argyll. Please note the pdf’s are large files and will take some time to display or download. We are also actively fundraising to build the new Centre. If you would like to donate please visit our My Donate Page

Artists Impressions

These are meant solely to give an approximation or impression of the proposed new building
Church Centre Front View
An artist’s impression showing a front view of the proposed new Church Centre looking from Hunter Street towards the Centre and the sea beyond. To see a larger version click on the image.

Church Centre Rear View
An artist’s impression showing a rear view of the proposed new Church Centre looking from the rear of the centre ground towards Hunter Street and away from the sea.  To see a larger version click on the image.

Site Plans

This image shows the site plan for the new Church Centre. Click to see a larger version or there is also available a Site Plan which is a pdf containing an even larger version. Right click on this link and select save to download.

Building Plans

This shows the plan of the proposed building itself. Click to see a larger version or again the Plans as Proposed offers an even larger pdf version. To download this pdf file right click and select save.

Design Statement

The following pdf contains a Statement setting out much more detail on the proposal to demolish the old centre and the reasons for selection of the proposed design. The Design Statement is a full version of the pdf. Again right click and save to download this pdf.



East & South Elevations and West & North Elevations are two pdf’s showing in more detail the proposed elevations of the new Church Centre. Again to download right click and select save.


Section is a pdf contains sections of the building and site

Site Plan with Surrounding Properties

This plan gives more detail of the surrounding properties. To see a larger version click on the image. The Plan of Surrounding Properties is an even larger pdf version. To download, right click on the link and select save.

Parish Profile

The recently updated Parish Profile can be found here.


COG resumes with an open meeting on 14th September when our guest speaker will be from the R.N.L.I. All are welcome and invited to attend (including men!) to show our support to a worthy organisation. Meetings take place in St John's Church Hall, Wednesdays at 8pm.

Molly McNair’s 100th Birthday

See here for photographs from Molly McNair's 100th Birthday tea in the Church.

Mission Partner Update

We have an update on the work of our Mission Partner - Dr Ruth Shakespeare. Read more on our Mission Partner News Page

Community of Faith Conferences

At the beginning of 2016, the Community of Faith Conference will be running in Glasgow, Dumfries and Inverness for those that are involved in ministry with children and young people all over Scotland. The theme for the 2016 events will be 'for churches with few or no children'. See here for more details.

Our Wee Shop

Click here to see an update on "our wee shop" from Lawther.

Interim Moderator

A letter from the new Interim Moderator can be found here.


We meet every Sunday at Kirn Parish Church at 10.30 am see our Location page for details of where we are

Sunday School

We have an enthusiastic Sunday School who meet every week during morning service. At present there are about 15 children aged 3-12 who enjoy singing, stories, making things and participating in services. There is a rota of 6 adults who lead the Sunday School activities in discussion with the minister and deacon. We have a prizegiving service for our children in June every year and we always organise a barbeque or picnic at around the same time. In recent years this has been a joint celebration with the St. John’s Sunday School. The children also lead a nativity service in December each year and this is greatly enjoyed by the whole congregation.