Sunday School

A year in the life of Kirn Young People

Sunday School from the past
We at Kirn Church, a union between St Margaret’s and St Andrew’s have a rich heritage of welcoming, nurturing and encouraging its young people. 

Kirn Past and Present

Over the months of February and March our young people interviewed the congregation to find out what life was like for them as they grew up in Kirn Church.Our current Sunday School

Lots of stories of large Sunday schools, over 200 children and 19 teachers, surprised today’s young people.  A big surprise was the story of bringing a real live donkey to Church. Other adventures included  Ski-ing trips, climbing Ben Nevis and brunches with French toast, cinnamon and sugar to wet our appetite.  There were also stories of lesson learnt, ‘God is only interested in what goes on inside’ not the outside, not how we are dressed, but who we are,’ was a message remembered by one member who now lives in Washington DC.  There were many wonderful stories of the links between Church and family.



ChristmasChristmas Party

Christmas brought our younger ‘Angels and Shepherds’ together with our teenagers to bring the Christmas story through Readings, Script and music.  The young people provided a lovely rendition of ‘Hallelujah’.  A movie part was held in the Church Centre.  A showing of ‘Snow puppies’ thanks to Chris Horton on the big screen.  Party games and wonderful party food, followed by a visit from ‘Santa’


The Easter service was beautiful, a full Church, a family christening reminding us of the little ones who are a vital part of our community.  The little children provided a puppet show telling the story of the stone that rolled away, and the older young people entertained us with an African song showing off their talents of playing musical instruments and singing.

Summer Trip

This year trip was designed to meet both age groups.  Everyone set off to Largs, the wee ones visited Vikingair and learned all about the Vikings and their connection to Largs.  They learned how to grind flour by hand and dressed up in Viking costume.  The older teenagers went ten pin bowling and Lorna one of our leaders won.  Everyone joined together for their picnic lunch.

Prize Giving

This year the minister has talked about the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible and we have worked with her from A to Z thinking of all the different words in the Bible.  The congregation have been led through the books of the bible and we have all learnt much about the importance of the bible in the life of God’s people.  It was agreed to mark this special event by giving every child their own bible, from their own Church.  Each child was presented with the new version of the King James Bible by the Elders of our congregation.

Summer Club

During the summer volunteers from the congregation ran a Summer Club with Crafts, Baking and Artwork.  On Tuesday afternoons Senga and Ishbel ran a Craft workshop at the Church Centre and all the things made will be on sale at Kirn Gala.

New Term

The new term begins on the 4th of September 2011, at 10.30am.  This year we are going to concentrate our efforts on learning some of the stories of the Bible, and the older group are going to look at the Parables of Jesus and the messages that they send to us in this world we live in.

You are very welcome –

We at Kirn continue with the traditions of our predecessors as we encourage our young people to play their part as members of our Church community, through participation in worship at regular family services, reading lessons, and providing door and collection duties.

We would love to welcome YOU to be part of our Church family.  We meet on Sunday mornings from 10.30am to 11.30am with tea, coffee, juice and biscuits to follow.

Kirn Church is here for you…as it has been for generations before you….Come and be part of something very special…

Past News

Sunday School News from March 2011

The Sunday School are ably supported by a team of leaders, some of whom have been involved for a long time, others of whom are fairly new to our church.

Janet McKellar has been appointed as the Sunday School Co-ordinator while Caroline Sutherland continues to be our Youth Protection Co-ordinator.  They both help the other members of the team with the leading of our young folk in ‘Sunday School’.

As well as participating in the worship service and enjoying some time as a group in our ‘Crypt’, the older ones gather during the week in one of the homes to discuss their contribution to family worship including music, drama and art or to do some craft work – for fundraising sales or special celebrations in the church.  Usually, there is food on offer!!

Their most recent project was to find out more about Sunday School in past generations, interviewing older members of the church, looking at their photos etc.  Watch this space for photos and news!

Sunday School

Previously we reported:
It has been wonderful indeed to see that some more young families have come to be part of the Kirn Church family, and part of the great joy that has brought is that there are more children and young folks amongst us.
Caroline Sutherland took on the role of Supervisor for the Sunday School a few years ago, and has decided that she wants to move from the task of “Supervisor” to being one of the teachers.
Placing these two things together, we recognised that now is a good time to look at what we do and how we organise Sunday School in the future.

Together we have decided that there will be a team of Sunday School Teachers – about 8 folks who will work hard to relate well to the children.   These folks will have the responsibility for delivering the programme of learning, fun and activities week by week, and also in providing opportunities for the children

to share with other folks in the congregation and also continue to raise their awareness of the wider church throughout the world.  A huge task!!!  But one that we will all share and enjoy.
On a Sunday morning, we hope to provide for three groups of children – the wee ones through to primary 2, primary 3-6, and primary 7 upwards.  Some Sundays we are also going to have the Sunday School start downstairs for their teaching time, then come up after the sermon and join together with the rest of the congregation.  Extra things happening between now and Christmas will include Kirn Gala, Food on the Move, the sharing of a Mobile Nativity, the Gift Service and of course the Christmas Party.

Please remember the Sunday School children and the teachers in your prayers as they embrace this new way of working, and give thanks to God for the work so many people have poured into the children and young people of this congregation in years gone by.
A warm ‘Thank You’ to the volunteers who supported the Sunday School’s work over the summer holidays also.

Working with children has many joys and rewards, but it also demands commitment, hard work and responsibility.   I know that the Kirk Session have conveyed their thanks to Caroline, and we as a Team add our thanks to her for her work and guidance – but we are even more thankful that she continues to be a part of the Team.  We are also very heartened by some other folks who have said they are willing to join the Team and support the work of the Sunday School in whatever way they can.

Watch this space for more news!!




Parish Profile

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COG resumes with an open meeting on 14th September when our guest speaker will be from the R.N.L.I. All are welcome and invited to attend (including men!) to show our support to a worthy organisation. Meetings take place in St John's Church Hall, Wednesdays at 8pm.

Molly McNair’s 100th Birthday

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Mission Partner Update

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Community of Faith Conferences

At the beginning of 2016, the Community of Faith Conference will be running in Glasgow, Dumfries and Inverness for those that are involved in ministry with children and young people all over Scotland. The theme for the 2016 events will be 'for churches with few or no children'. See here for more details.

Our Wee Shop

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Interim Moderator

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We meet every Sunday at Kirn Parish Church at 10.30 am see our Location page for details of where we are

Sunday School

We have an enthusiastic Sunday School who meet every week during morning service. At present there are about 15 children aged 3-12 who enjoy singing, stories, making things and participating in services. There is a rota of 6 adults who lead the Sunday School activities in discussion with the minister and deacon. We have a prizegiving service for our children in June every year and we always organise a barbeque or picnic at around the same time. In recent years this has been a joint celebration with the St. John’s Sunday School. The children also lead a nativity service in December each year and this is greatly enjoyed by the whole congregation.