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‘All is safely gathered in before the winter’s storms begin. Come you thankful people come, raise the song of harvest home’.

Many of us have known these words from childhood. They celebrate the annual harvest. In our modern world we are somewhat insulted from nature. Children brought up in the towns and cities may go years without seeing a cow or a sheep and may never have set foot on a farm. We have all heard the famous joke of the child who was asked where chickens came from and answered ‘the Co-op/Morrisons/Tesco’ or whatever. The reality is that that is an experience for many in society and not just for children.

However, there is something wonderful in nature. People have used words like ‘evolution’ or ‘big bang’ as if by using them they somehow disproved God. If you found a gook you would not think that there had been an explosion in a print works and that the various parts of the book came together by chance. You would think that somewhere or other a mind had created the book. You would think there was an author.

Despite the many blessings of our modern, technological age and the rise of Artificial Intelligence, nothing that people can do comes close to the wonderful contents of an apple. Something so ordinary and everyday as a piece of fruit declares the glory of God without knowing it.

Harvest is the annual miracle. Christians know that the fullest and most complete revelation of God is in Jesus Christ. By his birth, life and death we are shown images of God the Father. By his cross he redeems and saves. By his resurrection God’s power is declared to the world. That is what Christians believe. It is what the church has always and everywhere proclaimed.

Yet in tree and flower, in insect and bird, in all of nature we somehow see the footprint of God. These things silently cry out to us ‘We are made! Worship the Creator!’ That is what the first chapter of the Letter to the Romans says:

‘For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse’ (Romans 1:20 NIV)

We give thanks for the harvest every year. We ought to give thanks for the food we eat and it is good to be reminded of that. There must also be a deeper thanksgiving. God has spoken to us!

Drew Barrie   Interim Moderator

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At the beginning of 2016, the Community of Faith Conference will be running in Glasgow, Dumfries and Inverness for those that are involved in ministry with children and young people all over Scotland. The theme for the 2016 events will be 'for churches with few or no children'. See here for more details.

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